About Viggie

Cloud Manager, Web Developer -India.

I'm a Cloud Services Manager for Web Apps & Web Developer. Have 16+ years experience in Web Development. I can help in planning a Web App / API from scratch. Right from database designing, optimal selection of processing and traffic handling power in cloud services - which can scale up to quick growth at short notice.

In Web Development, I choose frameworks depending on Project needs. My personal choice is Laravel Framework with ZF3 as alternate choice. For CMS needs, Drupal / Wordpress are my preferred ones. I do have a custom non-DB CMS which suits smaller web front to promote Web Apps. This website is made with it.

  • AWS

    Planning, Implement & Manage

    Planning & executive entire project needs from API services, Databases to Load Balancers & Computing Power.

  • DB designing

    Basic Structural Strength of an App

    Future proofing. Robust planning to handle heavy data while also starting small in the beginning.

  • Web Development

    Laravel, ZF3

    Solid backend with strong security such as OAuth2 standards for APIs

  • Web Front

    Wordpress, Drupal, Custom

    Web front ends for business & also App info, documentation, etc.

  • We shall
    your project!