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Upgrading PHP 5.3 to 5.4 in VPS account

Oct 15, 2014

As with most web hosts, the apache, php & mysql versions are woefully stuck in older versions. While PHP 5.3 itself doesn't sound like too old, it's not enough for many latest php packages.

Software lock to limit one installation per account

Sep 21, 2014

It is quite easy to use software without authorization in Windows PCs. May be it will become a thing of past with Windows is going the mobile OS ways. Verifying the user (or at least the device) is not a problem in mobile apps.

Responsive Wordpress Themes that are comfortable to customize

Jul 29, 2013

Most wordpress themes are now 'responsive'. They have to. But most site owners don't have a clue. They now know & generally agree that there should be a 'mobile' version for their website.

Upgrading to latest version within Drupal 6

Jul 04, 2012

This procedure is intended to help people who like to update their Drupal 6 based site on their own. (Standard disclaimer apply - details below. Basically it means, 'do it at your own risk') :)

Deciding on layout style for your Drupal based website

Nov 19, 2011

Often people ask me about sample layouts for their Drupal based website. Given the needs & features, the layouts can be anything from standard 3 col. layout to magazine style or business style with slideshows, snippets at many places etc.

Mini Website in Facebook pages

Nov 13, 2011

Now that having a Facebook page is getting a norm for businesses who care to have a social presence online, it is natural to evolve it into a mini website.

Cleaning an elusive malware in wordpress site

Oct 30, 2011

Don't know why it should be only Wordpress sites. But I've removed multiple malware attacks in 3 - 4 client websites in the last 3 years, and All of them used Wordpress.

Points to note if upgrading from Drupal 6.x to Drupal7.x

Oct 22, 2011

Drupal7 was launched in January 2011. About 7-8 months later, we are now able to practically use it for web projects. Important 3rd party modules such as 'Views' were now available & stable in Drupal7. site re-structure & re-launch

Oct 19, 2011
drupal is now re-built from ground up, revamped & re-structured to work effectively. The site still runs in latest version of Drupal 6 (ver.6.22 at the time of this writing).

Steps to use Featured Image in Wordpress

Oct 05, 2011

It's a given today, each blog post should have at least an image. Wordpress is more aware of this and have options to easily add images/videos to posts.

Easy way to install Tweetdeck in ubuntu

Jun 17, 2010

Tweetdeck the favorite twitter application that helps coping up & organize our tweet experience is now available for Linux desktops. Clicking 'download' button from a linux PC will turn the button text to 'Installing Tweetdeck'

Firefox 4 will look like Google Chrome?

May 12, 2010

It seems I will be blogging about browsers more. As html5 & css3 is coming closer to regular usage, browsers are now following Google Chrome.

Do developers prefer Chrome over Firefox?

May 07, 2010

Google Chrome seems to be gaining acceptance among web developers. PHP Classes blog says that php developers are switching to Chrome. But their chart shows that it's only a trickle.

Way of things to come to desktop / mobile screens - 3D

May 05, 2010

Bumptop 3D desktop interface is really cool. Just as it is poised to make waves (recently launched a Mac version), Google lapped it up & pulling it out of market.

​usage experience ubuntu vs open suse

Mar 10, 2009

I have long been a user of Suse Linux. Two months back, I had the opportunity to install & use uBuntu on PC and ubuntu Studio on a laptop. And recently updated my main PC Suse Linux Enterprise Editon 10 to Open Suse 11.1. relaunched in drupal version 6

Mar 08, 2009

I finally managed to find time to move from version 5.

Missing conveniences in Google Chrome

Sep 04, 2008

The new browser from Google created quite a stir. Lot of speed tests & comparisons with Firefox were available in the net.

Firefox extensions that help web development

Apr 28, 2008

It is no coincidence that Firefox is the default browser for most web developers. The reason is not just security or tabbed browsing. It has become an invaluable tool in web development, particularly on creating & debugging XHTML and CSS layouts.

Suse Linux - SLED 10 installation experience

Feb 14, 2008

Judging by the reviews on the net, both uBuntu & Suse seemed attractive. I opted to install Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED 10) for my new PC mainly because I got the DVD.

Moved to a separate office

Jan 21, 2008

The home office is getting cramped. So I have moved to a proper office and actively building up the team.

My personal blog, at last!

Jun 29, 2007

Here I go! I have specific purpose blogs. That were limited in their scope. Here I can talk about the things l like about the net, design and the net life! Almost all I wanted to do.