Easy way to install Tweetdeck in ubuntu

Easy way to install Tweetdeck in ubuntu
Jun 17, 2010

Tweetdeck the favorite twitter application that helps coping up & organize our tweet experience is now available for Linux desktops. Clicking 'download' button from a linux PC will turn the button text to 'Installing Tweetdeck'. You can keep on waiting, but nothing will happen.

To really install Tweetdeck in Ubuntu (or in any linux distros) have a look at Tweetdeck's support page.

But wait, it's even easier!

If you are not comfortable with 'command line' typing, you don't have to follow the method mentioned in that page. You can do it entirely through mouse click (and one-time password typing).

Get Adobe AIR & Tweetdeck download files from Tweetdeck's support page. Currently there is no other way to download linux version of Tweetdeck, so do visit that page to get it.

First, Adobe AIR

While downloading Adobe AIR choose for 'deb' package (for Ubuntu, SimplyMephis, Debian). After downloading it to your folder, just open the folder and double-click the 'deb' file. An installer window will open.

Adobe AIR installation in ubuntu
Clicking 'install package' will ask for admin password & after verification will install Adobe AIR.

Then, Tweetdeck

After that installing Tweetdeck is simple. Go to 'Applications' in start menu, a new entry 'Adobe AIR Application Installer' is available now.

Adobe AIR installer in menu

Just click the link, it will show an open window to choose a file. Choose the downloaded tweetdeck package & click install.

That's All!