Mini Website in Facebook pages

Mini Website in Facebook pages
Nov 13, 2011

Now that having a Facebook page is getting a norm for businesses who care to have a social presence online, it is natural to evolve it into a mini website.

Since the facebook page can act as a nerve center of their social interaction. Many businesses want to present their products/services in a few pages. Though it is unecessary, some people prefer to have a copy of a few important pages from their existing website.

There's an App for that!

Having a content page as part of FB page is getting easier with each facebook updates. However, it's still has to be done through a Facebook App. Once done, you can even put an entire section from your website, even a shopping cart as seen in screenshot below.

Narnia Chronicles Facebook Page
You can view the above fb page here.

That's not enough!

While having content pages or a shopping window within your Facebook page will help. What is more important is interacting with others, getting social and keep your fb page interesting & relevant enough.

Apart from building apps, you'll also need a plan and if possible a full-time social marketer! Thankfully, it can also be outsourced. [Hint! Hint!]