Responsive Wordpress Themes that are comfortable to customize

Responsive Wordpress Themes that are comfortable to customize
Jul 29, 2013

Most wordpress themes are now 'responsive'. They have to. But most site owners don't have a clue. They now know & generally agree that there should be a 'mobile' version for their website. And with 'responsive' being the new catch phrase, if a theme is said to be 'responsive' they accept it.

Yeah, I need a responsive theme & this button should apppear above the fold

Themes were rarely used as it is, particularly if it's used in a business website. So customization is the order of the day. Site owners still see their website as a brochure or paper design. They often come up with a requiment like this, '... this button should appear above the fold'.

If you feel there is nothing wrong in above requirement, please search for 'is there a fold' on the internet, or see here on why there is no page fold on the website.(Yes, these were created by very frustrated web designer / developer)

We must decide on how the website should appear on various screen sizes before attempting to customize a responsive theme.

The responsive themes list

If you are a site owner who understands the value of keeping your site 'responsive'. here are the list of themes I felt comfortable to customize.

  1. Design Folio
    Fully responsive. Several 'short codes' available to tweak the theme without touching code.
  2. Responsive Theme
    An early adaptr, so got the theme name itself as 'responsive'. Good for layouts with lots of space around. Also available in wordpress theme registry.
  3. Twenty Twelve
    Amazingly the default theme works well for customization, even supports 'child' themes. Have two levels of responsive-ness but can work nicely on all devices

There are quite a lot of other responsive themes which seems promsing for customization. I haven't personally used them though.

  1. Business Lite
  2. Customizr
  3. Response