Do developers prefer Chrome over Firefox?

Do developers prefer Chrome over Firefox?
May 07, 2010

Google Chrome seems to be gaining acceptance among web developers. PHP Classes blog says that php developers are switching to Chrome. But their chart shows that it's only a trickle.

Screenshot of PHP Classes blog

But bigger shifts usually start in a trickle. I find myself using Chrome regularly & much more than Firefox for normal browsing. For development Firefox is still my main browser as Chrome's plugins for web development needs to getting used to.

Firefox become indispensable for web developers mainly due to web development plugins. Those same plugin developers starting making plugins for Chrome as well. So far they didn't had the impulse to work for other browsers. This shows the pull Chrome has on browsing experience.

As web developers we are bound to use all major four (or five!) browsers for testing. It does matter what we prefer for our own browsing.

Eventhough Opera used to be my favourite, it seems Chrome could well be my next default browser.