Turning Your Ideas into Web Apps

on a budget.

Cloud Setup

Planning, Setup & Management of your Apps in the cloud that will be secure, fast & also cost-effective.

Web Apps

You have a great idea (& some conviction to make it a reality)? Startups by default needs to run on a shoestring budget.


Protecting your app, your user data while making it accessible smoothly for genuine needs is a challenge. A delicate step.

Web Applications, Projects, Storing data in Cloud

Anything that stores & handles user data through a browser can be termed as Web App.

That makes anything other than a plain brochure website as Web Application. It can be a 2 page app to search for Plumber near your location. Or an online storage box to store all your memories. The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few Web Applications where Viggie is involved either fully or in specific vital tasks.
1. Online Tutoring Course

2. Trademark & Patent Search

3. Search Nearby Plumbers in USA

4. Sale & Download of Legal Documents, UK

5. Matrimony Project

6. Social Networking Platform